Concrete Driveways, Kerbing and Retaining Walls in WA

Our reputation speaks for itself

Locally owned and operated, Jetline Kerbing Contractors was established by Russell Lines in June 2000. At the time, Russell already owned and operated a brick paving and retaining wall construction company. He then bought an existing concrete kerbing company, and merged the two into one business that served the South West WA area and expanded to work in the North West WA in 2009.

With a staff of 18 and an annual turnover of approximately $3,500,000, Jetline Kerbing Contractors has worked to develop strong working relationships with a number of companies in the locality, as well as many private clients.

Clients include Main Roads, Water Corporation and many of the Shires throughout the South West & the Pilbara Shire in the North West.


Previous projects and clients

Men pouring concrete for retaining walls in WA

At Jetline Kerbing Contractors, we have undertaken roadside concrete kerbing for carparks, roads and subdivisions, and also concrete formwork. Our company has completed projects including retaining walls around WA for numerous companies and private clients over the last several years.

Recently we have completed the construction of large retaining walls, kerbing, concreting, paving & rock pitching at the Port Access Road in Bunbury.

We have also worked in and around the South West on footpaths, retaining walls and kerbing for shires and major contractors, and we have previously worked on mine sites in the South West, Newman and Tom Price for BHP and Rio Tinto.

Giving back to the community

man working on concrete kerbing in north west WA area

At Jetline Kerbing Contractors, we believe in supporting the local area. We have been working in the South West for over 12 years and the North West for the past 3 years. Based in Bunbury, the majority of our staff live in the area.

When possible, resources and equipment are sourced from local businesses. This includes concrete, limestone blocks and machinery. We support the local soccer club, scout club, and the local youth groups raising awareness of drug and alcohol abuse.

We believe in giving back to the community, so we have also undertaken small jobs for below cost prices for people struggling financially.

Caring for the environment

pool with concrete

As a company that undertakes work for a large variety of clients, we have been exposed to many different working environments and conditions. As such, we have an increased awareness of protecting the environment.

We are aware of the sensitivities of the environment, and we always consider the impact that our work will have on the environment. All our machinery oil is recycled, and left over concrete from our kerbing is returned to the supplier or used in other areas, such as roadside culverts.

We understand the importance of not spreading Jarrah dieback through the movement of contaminated soil, so we take extra precautions to ensure this doesn't happen.