Safety in Concreting, Kerbing, and Retaining walls in South West & North West WA

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At Jetline Kerbing Contractors in north west WA, we believe in safety on a contracting job. With many of our projects, staff are expected to work remote from our base and a communication plan is essential in the case of an accident or emergency. It is very important that staff have the capacity to quickly alert the relevant people for assistance.

All of our staff have at least one phone, so they are always contactable when on a job. As a measure of the importance we place on safety, we are insured with Wesfarmers Federation for workers compensation, public liability and all machinery and vehicles.

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Due to the diligence of our staff, we have an excellent safety record with no lost time accidents over the last 12 years. This has been achieved by developing and adhering to a safety plan, which includes the following components:

  • Training
  • Job safety inspection
  • Incident reporting

Job safety inspection

Before beginning any project, our staff in north west WA will assess the safety aspects of the job. They will assess the basic steps involved in undertaking the task, the likely hazards to be encountered, and any remedial action required (if any) to ensure the hazards are avoided. All employees will be inducted before starting a job. This induction will include a review of the safety aspects of the job. Hazard identification is particularly important when working around machinery such as Bobcats, and when the work site is interacting with traffic, such as during roadside kerbing.

Incident reporting

Safety is a top priority for us. If there is an accident or near miss, an incident report is completed and a follow up investigation undertaken. As a result, the actions leading to the incident are investigated to ensure that safe work methods were followed at all times. We also investigate whether changes are required to the work method to ensure there is not a reoccurrence.


We ensure that all new staff undertake an induction process that includes information on employment conditions, staff structures, emergency contact details and safety issues. Staff undertake regular in-house training to ensure they have the necessary skills to undertake tasks safely and effectively. When required, formal training, such as first aid, is undertaken. New staff receive guidance and tuition from experienced staff on machinery and equipment, until they are at a level where they can safely work with reduced supervision.